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About | Liquid Image Consulting

About Us

A Full Service Agency

Liquid Image Consulting opened its doors to the creative world in 2010. We are a young and progressive group of individuals that seek to uniquely tell brand stories in every task we undertake.

We are a collective that aims to visually and experimentally narrate each brand, cooperative, corporate, product, government institution, constitute market story the is to tell.

We are the 360 below the line agency to GO to!



Zandi Nhlapo


Business Director

Ntando Zikalala



Our Approach

creating memorable experiences

We put the client first, middle, last and everywhere in between. We use a circular user centric methodology and process that begins and ends with accommodating the needs and objectives of our end users. We tell brand stories with every point of contact with the customer.

Our collaborative, insight driven, action oriented and visual process is generally defined by these five iterative and often overlapping phases:

Empathise, Plan & Define, Ideate, Implement & Iterate and Measure.

Why Us


Leading Brands Choose to Work With Us


We offer end to end below and through the line strategic creative solutions from creative design,  theme conceptualization and implementation of the event or campaign. 

demand generation

We continuously push the envelope in developing strong concepts that will set the brand apart in its communication while in line with the brand’s identity and ethos thus creating interest & demand.

Business Resources

For each project we undertake, we dedicate a specific team to care-take the client from inception to completion of the project. From graphic designer to project manager & co-coordinator.

out put

Create experiential experiences and communication that positions the  brand and company as top of mind to their customers & clients.



We are well established and know everyone

We know do a-lot of business here but don't come here regularly

We will make a plan and make it great